How To Become a Millionaire in 2 years

A Journey To Become a Millionaire


You have read many articles or seen a lot of videos where people claim that they have become a millionaire in no time. When you hear such claims question come to your mind maybe this is not true and even if it’s true maybe his situation was favorable for earning and maybe that thing was trending etc.

Hello, I am Dr. Rizwan Mahmood, I am one of the directors of the Mentors club.

Today I am not going to tell you about my past achievements Instead I will be sharing with you how I will be a millionaire in the next 24 months without utilizing my wealth or my experience. I will share with you the plan and strategy for how I will become a millionaire in the next 2 years and during this period I will be updating you regularly about the progress on every stage of this journey.

You can copy my strategy and improvise it according to your situation and you also become a millionaire in this time. In the end, those who will be successful in achieving this target of earning a million dollars in 2 years will be offered to become one of the mentors of this prestigious club which we are going to develop in the next 2 years.

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How To Become a Millionaire in 2 years

A Journey To Become a Millionaire

Week One

So, let us start the journey to become a millionaire in two years.

The Journey to become millionaire
Yes, I can Do it

Every journey starts with a small step so before taking that step I must plan and set goals for that journey. To become a millionaire, I will prepare myself for the first step. First thing first, I must believe YES! I CAN DO IT. I know that once I have that belief, I can do it, there is no force in this world that can stop me from doing that. There will be ups and downs as the path to success is always zigzag. There is no straight and easy road to success. I must be consistent, committed, focused, and work hard. To become a millionaire I have to beat every challenge which will come my way.

How I am feeling right now

Now when I am going to plan my journey towards million dollars, I am excited, I am hopeful, and I am determined to do that. I will have to keep that feeling with me throughout my journey. Whenever I feel low, I will remember this time, this feeling, this determination, and hopefully, it will give me the energy to keep moving forward.

What I need to become a millionaire

To become a millionaire what do I need to do. What I have, what I need to gain and how I will get that. There are four things I will have to do to become a millionaire

1. Earn money

2. Save money

3. Invest money

4. Give (Charity) money -YES, it is an integral part of wealth creation

How to earn money

To earn money, I must create income streams and not only one. So, how can I do that? Well, to know that, I must ask myself a few questions. What am I good at? What skills do I have? What skills have I always wanted to learn? What am I enthusiastic about? Why do I need answers to these questions? Simply because to earn good money, I must be excellent at any skill. Yes! ”any skill”, it does not matter what skill you have, you must be an expert at that skill.

What are my strengths?

What are my main strengths and what I am enthusiastic about? I will write a few of these:

  • I always wanted to express myself, so I used to write a diary
  • I am good at explaining things
  • I am a fast learner and can work long hours
  • I like to analyze the problems and issues
  • I tend to focus on finding solutions
  • I am a collaborator and a team man
How to convert Passion to skill

Now I know my positives, I will try to correlate these with my skills. I like to express myself and am good at explaining things means I should write more often and share the knowledge I have, with others. Since I am a team player and good at finding solutions, I should be finding solutions for people‚Äôs problems and issues. Now, when I know that I have a passion for sharing knowledge and finding solutions, is that enough to generate income? Of course not! Remember, to have just the skill is not enough you must be excellent at that skill. I must master this skill to make it valuable. 

How to master the skill I already have

It’s a known fact that the best investment is to invest in yourself So, I will invest in myself. To master the skill I already have, I must learn more about that skill. I have to read about writing and problem-solving. I will join writing courses and make every effort to polish my skills. I will keep learning about writing until I am not perfect in this skill. But wait, you are never perfect. You always get better with learning. Yes! I will keep learning and will keep getting better.

Must Learn skills to become a millionaire

In the modern world of digitization, I must learn other skills which are must learn in today’s world like Marketing, Media Management, Network Marketing, and Artificial Intelligence. I will need these skills at every stage of my journey. So I will be learning these skills every day. I will abreast myself with the latest technologies and modern gadgets and tools and utilize them effectively. I should not hesitate to try new things.

  • First thing First —believe that you can do that
  • Earn, save, invest, and give money to become a millionaire
  • Find your positives
  • Match these positives with skill
  • Master the skill
  • Learn other skills which help you grow

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In the next post, I will reveal a complete 2 years plan for becoming a millionaire