About Us - MentorsClub.Org

MentorsClub.Org is a Free Online Community Platform started with the mission to bridge the gaps between Mentors and Individuals, who require guidance in their life to achieve his or her dreams.

Our Community - Mentors Club, was founded by Prakash Srinivasan in 2011 with a mission to guide young minds towards achieving success in life. As part of this community, we have been providing the following free services in-person.

  1. 1. Mentoring Programs to School/College Students,
  2. 2. Career Guidance & Training to College Students, and
  3. 3. Cross Skill Training Programs to Students & Individuals.

In order to enable our valuable services to reach global audience, we have started MentorsClub.Org in 2018. Through our platform, we provide free Mentoring Programs, Career Guidance and Cross Skill Training Programs to the world-wide audience through online tools, which creates connectivity between us and the individuals who require guidance. Our website offers the following services.

To Individuals:

  1. 1. You can talk/chat to the Mentors/Experts of any industrial field
  2. 2. You can get Guidance from Mentors/Industry Experts
  3. 3. You can post questions in forums/groups and get answers from Experts & Mentors
  4. 4. You can join various groups and forums and connect to your interest
  5. 5. You can discuss on any Society Welfare Topics
  6. 6. You can acquire knowledge through our blogs, forums and groups
  7. 7. You can participate in both Online & In-Person Society Welfare Programs & Events
  8. And many more...

To Mentors:

  1. 1. Enables your Guidance reaches global community
  2. 2. Shows your Social Responsibility by being a Mentor in guiding young community
  3. 3. Self-Happiness & Fulfillment of being Society Well Wisher
  4. 4. Proud to be a part of someone’s Success through your Guidance