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Lead-acid batteries are used to start and/or power motor vehicles like cars, boats, buses, trains, electric wheelchairs and more, globally. Over time, these batteries need to be replaced with newer ones. So, what exactly happens to the older batteries once they are replaced? In most cases, they get recycled.

There are several benefits of lead-acid battery recycling, the most important being the fact that it saves natural resources. As new batteries are made with recycled materials, the need for mining of virgin material for production is eliminated. It saves energy, reduces air and water pollution, saves landfill space, and also creates job opportunities.

This recycling, which has become an essential part of waste management in all countries, takes place in a battery recycling plant. It reuses or regenerates the materials of any scrap battery, that would generally be considered as waste, in the recycling process.

There are four options to choose from for lead-acid battery recycling. Used batteries can be reutilized by i) Neutralizing it, and the resulting outflow then treated and released into the public sewage system once it meets clean water standards. ii) Reclaiming it as electrolytes for new batteries after topping up with concentrated acid. iii) Chemically treating it and turning it into agricultural fertilizer or household laundry detergent. iv) Converted into gypsum and to be used by the construction industry.

Every battery recycling plant follows certain procedures when it comes to recycling lead-acid batteries. The standard proceeding involves crushing lead-acid batteries into coin-sized pieces and then further separating various components.Crushing happens inside a hammer mill and broken parts are then inserted into a vat where the heavy materials sink to the bottom, and the lighter plastic floats. This helps separate all the pieces and recycle them further according to the material.

ACS Lead Tech is the only Design (Technology) based manufacturing firm in the Lead industry in India. We are an award-winning company that provides turnkey solutions for all your lead needs. With our optimum, energy-efficient design, we are your go-to for all lead-acid battery recycling demands.

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